I Commend to You – by Pastor John

Romans 16:1   I commend to you…

In our bi-weekly BLC coffee, and in our Wednesday prayer gathering, this chapter has been recently spotlighted. It seems fitting to look again here, and share another lesson for our life in Christ.

First, read this chapter. Don’t get hung up on pronunciations of the names – just notice the number of greetings Paul extends. Some of these folks we “met” in the pages of the New Testament, passingly known by us. Others are presented only here; complete unknowns. They are known by Paul, and better yet, the Lord Jesus. They are called out for faith, service, and commitment to their particular church family.

Today, many tightly-held untruths stall out believers:

  • Professionals must do the work of ministry.
  • Attendance is optional; anonymity is important for attendees.
  • Not every believer has gifts and talents. If possessing any, use is not necessary.
  • I’m not led. God will move someone else to pray, worship, give, work, and go.
  • “Join” where all is provided; never look for a body that needs your part.

While these falsehoods barely scratch the surface, they serve as contrast to what Paul shares about those he greets in chapter 16. These friends are vital, active, contributing, encouraging and fellowshipping members of their local bodies God has placed them in (see 1 Cor. 12!).

There’s one last thing I’ll note about Paul’s diverse circle of friends. They labored for the Lord, and were not concerned with spotlights and visibility. They served, like millions of the Lord’s beloved still do, quietly fulfilling their work. They served their Master with joy and gladness, content with His approval as their reward. They loved one another, amid all the various backgrounds, personalities, and giftedness. They wanted Christ glorified, in and through His Body of which they ALL were a part.

May we be an “additional paragraph” to Romans 16, commended for our vital part in His Body called Cornerstone.

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