December Article

“I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.”

Matthew 16:18 

We’ve taken a year to examine us, the church. We are an amazing body of Christ that is called by Him to unity for the commissioned task to take the Gospel into all the world. His Word has been instructive these months, as we’ve seen the body in many facets. These topics have included: obedience, responding to the head, caring for one another, fulfilling our role, abiding in Him, and responding to the Good Shepherd.

Above, in the statement of Jesus from Matthew’s gospel, Peter may be a “small stone,” but he will be numbered among all who compose the church, built on these “bedrock” truths:

First, Christ Himself, who has died and rose again for our deliverance.

Second, the profession of faith Peter utters (16:16) that is a testimony of all who will trust in Jesus.

Third, the directives of the Lord given for His disciples, the very Word of God, for our growth in grace and knowledge of Him.

So we continue now, into a new year with all its joys and valleys. The mission for us does not change with the times or the calendar, so remain steadfast. The challenge for us still is that of unity in Christ, and avoiding compromise with the world that distorts the gospel and disrupts our fellowship with the Master. His heart was for His body to reach this world with the message of salvation (John 17), and Jesus knows that only by our Spirit-filled care for one another will the world truly see and believe in the Christ who has come.

I bid you peace and purpose in the coming year.

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